The distribution of 2,400 packs of seed and fertilizer to vulnerable but viable farmers under the Food Security Pack has commenced in Vubwi District ahead of the rainy season.

The distribution of the FSP packs comes barely two days after the storage facility where inputs were kept was broken into and an office orderly with the Forestry Department was arrested for stealing seed and fertilizer.

Vubwi Acting District Commissioner, Mustered Phiri says the district received a total of 2,400 packs to be disbursed to residents of 8 wards of the district for the 2021- 2022 farming season.

Mr Phiri adds that the FSP program is an important initiative to the district because the majority of the people in the area live under the poverty datum project.

The acting District commissioner further explains that apportioning of the inputs is devised in a way to promote farming where farmers engage in the farming of more than one crop.

Meanwhile, Vubwi District Community Development Officer Lubasi Simbangala has said the distribution is following the normal planned schedule and has not been compelled by the break-in and theft that happened last week on Saturday morning.