Police in Lusaka have apprehended and detained Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) President SEAN TEMBO.

Police spokesperson RAE HAMOONGA has confirmed the development to ZNBC news in Lusaka this evening.

Mr. HAMOONGA says a comprehensive statement will be issued as soon as officers finish with the formalities.

Meanwhile, Mr TEMBO has been reported to the Livingstone Central Police for a case of insulting the President.

PHILIP MUSELA, a Livingstone resident, says he reported Mr. TEMBO over a Facebook post where the PeP leader is alleged to have insulted President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

And another Livingstone resident, YVONNE SIKUMBA, says she feels insulted as a woman by Mr. TEMBO’s alleged Facebook post.

In Kitwe, an activist has described as demeaning and insulting to women the remarks written on Mr. TEMBO’s Facebook page.

ASHANI JAYAYAWARDANE says talking about women menstruation in the manner that Mr. TEMBO did only goes to show his lack of respect for the women in the country.

Meanwhile, LUSAKA Resident SIMON MWEWA has called on women to condemn Mr. TEMBO.