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Who we are:

TUTA RADIO is a privately owned Commercial Radio Station established in 2011. The company is registered under the companies Act Cap 388 of the Laws of Zambia. Our company registration number is 97999. It is licensed and regulated by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA). TUTA RADIO is located in Mansa, the provincial capital of Luapula province. Specifically in Senama/Kaole township, one of the biggest and densely populated townships in Zambia. Our geographical coordinates are (11⁰ 11′ 24″ S and 28⁰ 53′ 24″ E).

Head Office:                   



Lusaka Office:

Its registered office is:



Plot 18111                        

Plot 2279 Minister’s Compound



Chalala, off Shantumbu Road

P.O. Box 710216                             





Tel:       0966431258



Tel:       0954998006







Email: [email protected]www.tutafm.com



TUTA RADIO is owned by a team of six shareholders who constitute the board of directors. It is a private company limited by shares.


To see an informed and empowered community through access to media.


Mission Statement:

To be a centre of excellence in Information, Education and Entertainment in order to have a well informed and empowered community and contribute to national development.



  • To provide discussion space for the local people on key developmental issues including health, education, environment, agriculture, economy, tourism and so on in order to promote community participation the in development process;
  • To foster a culture of informed debate on critical issues relating to governance, improve public knowledge and awareness of social economic political development issues in order to promote accountability;
  • To disseminate government programmes and projects to the community in order to encourage community participation in development process of the country;
  • To improve awareness on issues of climate change, environment, HIV/AIDS, gender, and other topical and emerging issues of public interest in order to empower the community with knowledge for decision making;
  • To be a resource centre of excellence in information education and entertainment programmes for the benefit of the community.

Our Values:

TUTA RADIO is committed to the following core values: 

We pursue excellence: We believe in giving the best and world class service while maintaining the highest standards of competency through the continued acquisition of knowledge and skills that respond to changing needs of the industry. 

We embrace innovation: We believe in creative ideas that have the potential to change the world. Our aim is to be at the cutting edge with both our processes and our end products. 

We act with integrity:  We undertake to uphold high ethical and moral standards without compromising the truth.We are committed to being responsible and answerable for our actions in the course of duty 

We value team work: We leverage individual skills to work collaboratively to achieve our common goals. 

TUTA RADIO shall not broadcast any material that promotes hatred, discrimination against an individual or a group on the basis of race, sex, age mental or physical ability or sexual orientation.  Such materials will only be aired within the context of larger issues and only when its use is necessary to the listeners understanding of the  issues.  

The Station Language Policy:

The station broadcast content in two languages viz; Bemba and English. These are the most commonly used languages in our area of operation.

Coverage Radius (Area)

TUTA RADIO effective coverage area is 100 km radius. The station has crystal clear sound across Mansa, Chembe, Samfya, Chipili, Mwense and parts of Luwingu and Kawambwa districts. It is our plan to cover the entire Northern Zambia in the next phase.

Hours of broadcast: 

The station broadcast 24/7 

Programming Format:

TUTA RADIO has a programming format of 60% talk and 40% music in the daily broadcast. It broadcasts music content of 40% daily.

Competitive Edge

TUTA RADIO has been established on the concept of being a centre of excellence in broadcasting. The station is fitted with modern broadcasting equipment and has widest coverage with strong signal delivering crystal clear sound. 

TUTA RADIO is received and listened to in Mansa and all areas and districts surrounding Mansa. TUTA radio is audible in Samfya, Chembe, Matanda, Mwense, Chipili parts of Kawambwa and Luwingu districts. This means a larger population is reached and good for business.

TUTA RADIO is connected to ZESCO National grid as the main source of power. However, there are two other options as power back-up.  A standby generator set is on site and a versatile 8000W battery power inverter is also on site. This means the station cannot go off air on account of power failure.

TUTA Radio is located in its spacious purposely built premises in a tranquil and serene   environment. All TUTA RADIO studios and transmitting equipment are on site. This makes it easy to manage the station. TUTA RADIO does not pay rentals hence its sustainability plan is very strong. 

TUTA RADIO is equipped with modern outside broadcasting equipment and is capable of broadcasting live functions from anywhere where there is GSM network. 


TUTA Radio is managed by professionally trained committed, innovative and dedicated team of staff which is target oriented.  TUTA RADIO also utilises the services of volunteers in some of its operations as a way of fostering community participation in the activities of the station. Currently 8 staff are engaged full time in the activities of the radio station. TUTA RADIO is becoming the undisputed leader in private broadcasting in Luapula Province commanding the largest share of listenership across all age groups.